When will I be able to start purchasing products?

Our shop will launch at the beginning of the summer with more information about product descriptions, models, and prices. Enter your email address on our Shop page if you would like to receive an email when our online shop opens for the season. 

Can I order RezEssentials before I choose housing? And how will RezEssentials know where I will be living?

Yes! When completing your order, choose “N/A” for residence hall assignment and leave the room number blank. We will follow up later in the summer to get your housing assignment, so keep an eye out for a follow-up email from us.


How do I include my room assignment?

When viewing your shopping cart, select your residence hall from the drop down menu and then enter your room number in the text box beneath it.


How do I find out about my room assignment?

All new students who have submitted prepayments should have received an email from Residential Services in late June or early July, detailing the next steps for the housing selection process. Freshmen can begin selecting their residence hall and room shortly afterwards.

Check out Residential Services for comprehensive information regarding the new room selection process. You can also contact Residential Services via email at freshman-housing@northwestern.edu or by phone at 847-467-4663.


Can I cancel my order?

Cancelations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. To cancel your order, email support@rezessentials.com and we'll make sure to follow up with next steps.


Can I order if I'm an international student?

Of course! Rez was created with customers like you in mind, for whom it is impossible to travel with bulky items like storage bins or printers. Visit our Shop tab to get started!


Does RezEssentials only sell to freshmen and other new incoming students?


No, the convenience offered by Rez’s direct-to-room delivery can be taken advantage of by all students living in Northwestern housing. This includes everyone from upper-class students still living on campus to students living in Greek housing.



What happens if something breaks?

For mini-fridge rentals, we will replace all fridges before May 1st, 2016 given normal use.

For sales of other products, we offer a one-year warranty through our vendor. We will replace certain damaged parts at no fee.

To view the full terms of service, please click here.


What’s your return policy? Do you offer refunds or warranties?

Cancelations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. To cancel your order, email support@rezessentials.com and we'll make sure to follow up with next steps.



Where do you get your products?

We have relationships with trusted local and national providers to ensure that Northwestern students get the highest quality goods at the lowest possible prices.


How much does University printing cost?

All Northwestern libraries, public areas, labs, and classrooms charge for printing. For students with Wildcards, black and white printing costs 6 cents per side and color printing costs 25 cents per side. For guests without a Northwestern ID, black and white printing costs 10 cents per side and color printing is 25 cents per side.


Does Northwestern Housing provide storage units for the rooms?

Each residential hall room includes a closet or dresser for each occupant living in the room. The exact size, dimensions, and quantity of shelving depends on the specific hall. On average, a room has about a 3-ft wide closet and a dresser with two drawers.

Many students opt to purchase additional storage units which can be placed under their beds (which can be lofted in most halls) or on shelves above their closets. These extra units, which hold anything from extra snacks to T-shirts, let you bring everything you might need and help organize and maximize your limited room space.


What is the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress topper? Which does Rez sell? 

Rez sells mattress pads. Mattress pads are like thick, soft fitted sheets that wrap around the mattress and go underneath regular fitted sheets. 

Mattress toppers, on the other hand, are not fitted, so can shift during the night or feel less natural in the bed. 


Delivery & Shipping

Are shipping and delivery free?

Yes, shipping and delivery are free services provided by RezEssentials. We guarantee that all purchases made through our website will be delivered to your room before you arrive on campus.  


Do other retailers or companies deliver directly to my room?

As RezEssentials has an exclusive contract with Northwestern as its official provider, Rez is the only company with direct access to students’ rooms through Northwestern Housing. While some other retailers may deliver to campus, you will have to pick up your items from a delivery truck and transport them to your room by hand. Ordering through Rez is the only way to ensure your goods will be waiting for you when you open your door.


When do my products get delivered?

We deliver your items a few days before move-in day. After delivery, we will lock your room to ensure security and peace of mind!


About RezEssentials

What is RezEssentials’s relationship with Northwestern University?

RezEssentials is owned by Northwestern University through the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship. Further, it is founded and run by Northwestern students under a student organization called Northwestern Student Holdings, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the Northwestern community.


What is Northwestern Student Holdings?

Northwestern Student Holdings (NSH) is a portfolio of student-run companies. NSH members are Northwestern undergraduate students that manage 4 different businesses that serve the Northwestern and Evanston community. Companies include NU Tutors, BoxCo,  DesignWorks, and us, RezEssentials.


Northwestern Residential Life

I learned about RezEssentials at Wildcat Days. Is there an online version of the FAQs you were handing out? 

Yes - view the online Wildcat Days FAQ here. 


As an incoming/prospective student, I have a lot of questions. Where can I learn more about living on campus?

Welcome and congratulations! Luckily, there are tons of resources to help you get started.


How do I learn about the different types of living options on campus?

North by Northwestern’s Housing Guide is the most up-to-date guide to Northwestern undergraduate housing, with textual descriptions, photos, videos, and testimonials from current students. You can also filter by campus location and freshman-only options to help facilitate your search.


What should I bring with me to Northwestern?

To make the packing process easier for you all, we’ve compiled a Northwestern packing list of what we think are essentials based upon our experience as students living on campus. Northwestern Residential Services also provides a recommended packing list on their website.


Are there restrictions to what I can bring/have in my dorm?

Yes. Northwestern Residential Services has a list of items that are prohibited in the residence halls in their list of suggested items to pack.

No need to worry if you’ve ordered through Rez! As an official Northwestern provider, all RezEssentials products meet Northwestern’s guidelines.


What options do I have for on-campus dining? Am I allowed to bring food from the dining halls back to my room?

There are dining halls in six of the residence halls: Hinman, Allison, Willard, Elder, Sargent, and Foster-Walker. Each dining hall features an all-you-can-eat buffet that changes daily, a salad bar, dessert options, and fresh fruit. Non-dining hall options include six restaurants and cafes, two convenience stores, and the Norris University Center. Norris University Center has seven restaurants and helped Northwestern get ranked 5th for Best College for Food in America!

You are not allowed to leave the dining halls with any food. You are, however, allowed to bring food from the non-dining hall options back to your room to store in a mini-fridge (which you can purchase from our Shop).

Check out Northwestern Dining’s official page for more information.


Do students find that the 14 meal/week plan provides a sufficient quantity of food?

Many students on the 14 Meal plan eat lunch and dinner in the dining halls, but do not have enough meal swipes to eat breakfast or to grab snacks in between classes from the dining halls. (Of course, the specific distribution of meal swipes varies by person.)

Because most dining halls close at 7pm during the week and don’t open until 10 or 11AM on weekends, many students benefit from stocking their mini-fridges in their rooms with snacks or take-out meals.


Are there any grocery stores close to campus?

There are a Whole Foods and CVS on South Campus, and D&D Finer Foods in on North Campus. Trader Joe’s and Jewel Osco are about 1.5 miles from South Campus.

The convenience stores on campus also offer similar products to grocery stores, like chips, drinks, Ramen packets etc.