Mini Refrigerator Rental (Limited-Time Offer!)

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  • $149.95

The mini refrigerator is the quintessential RezEssentials product, and one of the soundest decisions you will make at Northwestern. We have had the immense pleasure of delivering hundreds of fridges to new wildcats every year since 2013 because they are truly an extraordinary value-add. Our mini refrigerator is the largest size allowed by Northwestern University, which means it has plenty of space to store food and drinks for when the dining halls are closed, or just whenever you do not feel like leaving your room. We highly recommend this product to all incoming students, as you will not find a better price anywhere else, and you definitely will not find another retailer that offers free in-room delivery by current students. 

This product is only available for a limited-time!

If you do not have a residential address yet, please use the general address for Northwestern University (633 Clark St, Evanston, IL 60208), and we will contact you later in the summer once housing decisions are made.