Why Buy?

Why is it better to buy a fridge rather than renting one?

Because it saves money.

Northwestern University now has a two-year live in requirement, which means students will need a mini-fridge for both freshman and sophomore years (and possibly longer). As students, our options are, rent twice or simply buy a used or new fridge. Here's how the economics break down:


Buying New

Buying Used

Freshman year




Sophomore year








You save



NOTE: These prices don't include our limited time Labor Day sale. With 10% off all orders, you're on track to save even MORE money!

So, if you were to rent for two years it would set you back $260 whereas buying a new fridge is only $200, or just $120 in the case of a used fridge. Buying a used fridge is cheaper than renting a (used) fridge for one year! Plus, if you use RezEssentials to buy a fridge we will deliver it straight to your room so there is no worry about having to pick it up or carry it by yourself.

RezEssentials also offers room-direct delivery for printers, lamps, vacuums, or storage bins. Delivery on all RezEssentials products is free of charge. Our reviews tell us that both students and parents value the convenient delivery service and quality assurance of a Northwestern student-run company. Our company’s unique connection to campus means that we know what the scramble of move-in feels like. So we’ve decided to provide services to make the day a little bit easier, even if that just means not having to deal with one extra item like the fridge.

One more note: sometimes customers are concerned about storing a fridge over the summer if they are out of town. But we find most people are able to leave their fridge in a friend’s off-campus appartment/house. And even in the few cases where that isn't possible, summer fridge storage is available from various companies for around $50 -- still much cheaper than renting twice!

We hope this page has helped you understand why to buy a fridge with RezEssentials: it saves you money, time and energy so you can tackle the year head-on!