Responding to COVID-19

Current as of 4/25

Following Northwestern University's decision to transition to online classes for the entire quarter, we will be suspending pick-up and delivery laundry service until in-person classes resume next fall.

To stay updated on Northwestern's response click here.

We acknowledge this will come as an inconvenience to our customers who remain on-campus during this time, however, we believe suspending service is the best step to ensure the health and safety of our student community.

Additionally, students who have purchased rental fridges, are able to to renew their fridge rental for next fall, using this link. If they choose to renew student's can either have Reebie tag their fridge to be stored with the rest of their belongings or leave the fridge in their dorm for us to pick up.

Students who choose not to renew their rentals should leave their fridges in their dorms so that they can be picked up. 

You can find our latest COVID-19 updates on this page. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions you might have.