Laundry Care

How will my laundry be done?

Your clothes will receive high-quality care. Clothes are washed in cold water with your choice of detergent and fabric softener. Colors and whites are separated to prevent bleeding. Clothes are dried on low heat to maintain quality. Throughout our cleaning process, we inspect your clothes in additional quality control checks to ensure your clothes are clean.

What type of detergent do you use?

We use either scented or hypoallergenic detergent, with or without fabric softener. After you place your order, we will send out a form for you to choose your detergent preferences. You can update your preferences by emailing us at rezlaundry@studentholdings.org

Who does my laundry?

Experienced laundry professionals at our premium cleaning partner care are trained to care for your clothes.

Do you take special requests?

We will do our best! Just place a piece of paper in your laundry bag detailing the clothing item and additional instructions.

Are there items that you can’t clean?

Unfortunately, we are not able to handle items that require hand-washing or dry cleaning, so it’s best to leave those items out of your bag.

Pickup and Delivery

How long does it take for my laundry to come back?

Next-day delivery is part of our guarantee! Just drop it off and it’ll be back in your hands in no time.

Where do I leave my laundry?

We will pick up laundry in the lobby of your residence hall or sorority house. Just make sure to put it in one of our specialized bags and drop it off by 11:00 am on the day of your pickup.

How much clothes can I wash?

Each load is 15 lbs. Most students do not go over this limit, but in the event that this is the case you will be charged an additional per pound fee.

Lost/Missing Items

What happens if something gets lost or damaged?

We will take excellent care of your clothes, but in the rare chance that something is lost or damaged, we’re prepared. Just let us know and we’ll refund you according to our insurance policy.